Thursday, February 7, 2013

An unexpected turn.

While preparing for this trip, all the "what ifs" were based on what might happen in Nigeria.  Never did I consider a problem in the U.S.  Turns out my outbound flight is delayed to the point where I will miss my connection in Atlanta.  So now the plan is to fly to Atlanta tonight and then leave for Lagos tomorrow night.  Will then need special transportation to Ado Ekiti.  Fortunately IBM uses a company called CDS to handle the logistics, and Sarah has been a big help.  Need to go with the flow...  Nigeria #ibmcsc


  1. Hi Bob! I was hoping you would have made it out of NY safely and into the Atlantic before Storm Nemo hit us! We had 2ft+ of snow here at my house, more northwest, by just a few miles. CT has "no driving" restrictions all of Saturday. I am sure much of NY had problems towards the airports. Anyway, hope you find yourself safe and comfortable at this point! I will be reading your blog to hear your story! Good Luck! Emily