Monday, February 11, 2013

First official work day - what a day!

Today was not a typical work day – at least not one that I ever experienced. 

The morning started with a press conference at the hotel.  Several journalists came to hear about the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program, what we will do in Ekiti State, and to ask questions.  There were at least six news organizations there to film the event along with several others who were there for the briefing.  In addition to a set of speakers, each IBM’er introduced themselves and provided their background including why they chose to come to Nigeria.    
Next was a trip over to the king’s palace.  Yes, we were invited to meet the King of Ado.  The picture below shows the entrance to the palace.  We gathered in a large hall with many dignitaries, observed a ceremony after which the king entered, there were a series of introductory talks, and then the king spoke about the importance of our mission.  One of the more noticeable activities was the loudest bugler I’d ever heard. 

We followed up the visit with the king with one with the Governor of Ekiti State, J. Kayode Fayemi.  The man is incredibly impressive in terms of his accomplishments and his mission for the state.  It was his decision to accept the CSC into his state, and we will revisit him at the end of our assignments to present our projects to him.  Everyone on the team really wants to make a difference, to make the governor look good, and help the organizations we will support.
Tomorrow we go into the office of our client, The New Initiative for Social Development.  Mr. Abiodun Oyeleye, the Executive Director of our client, was present for the day.  We were able to meet with him and he joined us for today’s activities.   In the next blog I’ll cover more about the specific work we will do.

Check out a photo of "downtown" Ado Ekiti.
In yesterday's blog I mentioned a security detail escorting us to Ado Ekiti.  Here's a picture of some of the team who brought us there.  Everywhere we travel we have been escorted by a security detail. 

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